The program: 4 – Parteneriate in domenii prioritare
The direction of research: 2 - Energy

CONTRACT Nr. 21-025 / 14.09.2007

<< Conversion performance increasing of the acid gases from flue gas by combined treatment with electron beam and microwave >>


Coordinator: INFLPR ffPartners: UPB, ICPET-ECO, ICPE Electrostatica S.A.


Electron beam technology is among the most promising advanced technologies available for the treatment of flue gases, particularly in the light of the drawbacks of conventional technologies. It is a dry scrubbing process for simultaneous SO2 and NOX removal with no generation of waste. Researches show that irradiation of flue gases with an electron beam can bring about chemical changes that make removal of sulphur and nitrogen oxides easier. The microwave energy association to the electron beam energy is an original method, potentially capable to produce high efficiency at low power consumption. In ratio with proposed objectives, will be realized and experimented two models for the treatment of acid gases with electron beam and microwave: one for the laboratory accelerator ALIN-10 and one for the industrial accelerator ILU-6M. It will be demonstrated the functionality and the utility of the ILU-6M model by determination of the conditions for which the flue gases treatment by combined method electron beam + microwave is economic competitive with conventional technology. Will be elaborated a documentation for the technology patenting.